Chicken Biryani


Layered rice and chicken cooked together with spices make a flavoursome dish.


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Ingredients: Boneless halal chicken, yoghurt, ginger, garlic, salt, turmeric, red chilli powder, biryani masala, lemon juice, bay leaf, cardamon, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, jeera, mace, basmati rice, ghee ( clarified butter) onion, mint, green chilli, garam masala, water, fried onions, saffron, milk, Corriander

Originally from Persia, and introduced in India by Mughal rulers, the dish is a delight to eat and a challenge for chefs to prepare. In a perfect pot of biryani, every grain of rice is separate, yet infused with aromas of various spices and has meat or vegetables paired with it.

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