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Location: North Finchely


Hey, I’m Mona and I’m a recipe curator and chef from East Finchley. My food is primarily street food from all over the world, which showcases my passion and creativity.

Growing up I was always a foodie, I took a lot of inspiration from my aunt who always used to throw it down with the best soul food! As I grew older I delved into my passion for food, mainly to fuel my body with good nutrition as I enjoyed lifting in the gym and after having my son. I have always wanted to be an advocate for, eating abundantly, but in a healthy and creative way. Exploring culture has been the pinnacle of it all, from experimenting with Thai, Mexican, Creole, African, Caribbean cuisine. Chicken wings are definitely my favourite but you’ll see Caribbean, Thai, African and Middle-eastern flavours.

Food is to be enjoyed in ABUNDANCE.!


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