Barnet based home cook Andrew

Introducing Andrew, serving the best breakfast in Barnet

Meet Andrew, the Filipino cook serving pastries, bread and breakfast to hungry ‘Barnet bods’!

When we visited Andrew to taste his selection of food, we were enticed by the dishes on offer, from the classic Full English to beautiful lavender scones. We were particularly excited to try his tasty selection of croissants, which certainly lived up to the hype.

What Andrew loves most about cooking for others is “the smile once they have their first bite. If I see them smiling, then it’s an achievement”. Making others happy, whether that’s his friends or family or his local Barnet community, is what makes cooking worth it to Andrew. To get smiles all round, Andrew combines taste and simplicity, making his natural food accessible to all different tastes.

“Good food doesn’t have to cost the Earth”

Andrew believes “good food doesn’t have to cost the Earth”. He noticed that many restaurants sold organic and natural food, but that this was often overpriced and inaccessible. Andrew’s mission is to make sure everyone can access food made with natural ingredients, and enjoy the flavours and health benefits that come alongside this.

When asked what his earliest memory of food was, Andrew fondly reminisced of his grandparents opening a café. “When I was young, I grew up with my grandparents, and they used to own a home-based café. In the Philippines you can just cook in front of the house and serve customers, you don’t need business permits etc”. It seems clear to us that sharing delicious home cooked food with the local community must be in Andrew’s blood. As he switches his grandparent’s Filipino kitchen for his own in Barnet, he admits “food runs in my family.”

“If you put love into it, then I would say that it’s homemade”

Andrew also credits his parents with his love of food and cooking. “My parents taught me not to be fussy with food, so whatever’s on the table I used to eat. I remember all the types of food I ate when I was young, and now I try and put them into one place”. To him, home cooked is all about love and passion, telling us that “if you put love into it, then I would say that it’s homecooked”.

Andrew cooks a lot of dishes, including croissants and scones, but the star of the show is his Full English. He says this is because it’s his most popular dish, and “everyone loves it”. He’s put a lot of time into developing each ingredient in turn, such as finding the best local butchers to provide the meat.

Andrew also revealed that although his Full English is so popular, he’s been trialling some Filipino twists on this British classic, hoping to bring a taste of his home country to his local Barnet community.

Food by Barnet based baker Andrew

Want to try Andrew’s food?

If you’d like to try one of the best breakfasts in the Borough of Barnet, you can browse and pre-order his range of delicious food on our site.

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