Welcome to Flavour Street!

Here’s our story so far…

Having always been passionate about food and a budding home-cook, our founder Jay, noticed more people were sharing their food during the lockdown as people had more time on their hands and hospitality workers were being furloughed. Also, the need for real nutritious home-cooked food was growing as people tired of boring unhealthy takeaways. This is where Flavour Street was born, the idea of bridging the gap between talented cooks and food lovers!

Since then we’ve grown and brought on more talented home cooks and chefs to our platform, had in person summer events and fairs.

Our community is based on three principles:

Empowerment: Our cooks come from every corner of the earth and that’s what makes what we have so strong, providing opportunity to a diverse group of talented cooks is our core mission.

Community: Supporting our local communities by buying and eating local is more important than ever. We want you to get to know our cooks stories in a fun and easy way.

Collaborating is at the heart of what we do. We made this platform together with our first chef and customers and will continue to grow it with collaboration at the core.

Please get in touch if you want to find out more or work with us in our mission.

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